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Texting Can Get You 20 Years in Prison.

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Texting Can Get You 20 Years in Prison.

This month, a Massachusetts Court found that text messages sent by a young woman to her boyfriend caused his death and constituted involuntary manslaughter.  He threatened suicide and filled his truck with carbon monoxide.  The woman encouraged him through her texts and, when he said he was scared and left his truck, she told him to “get back in.”  Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for August 3rd, and she will be facing up to 20 years in prison.

Last April, 10 students received letters from Harvard revoking their admission because of their posts in a Facebook messaging group.

Many still view electronic and social media communications as strictly for entertainment purposes.  However, it is becoming our new form of communication.  Letters and faxes are becoming obsolete.  Those that resist will be left behind in both business and social circles.

In our civil ligation practice, many of our cases are decided upon the flippant texts, emails, and postings that we uncover.  Such communications make excellent evidence.  They usually identify the sender and date sent.

So, before you click “send,” make sure that you stand behind whatever you are saying and appreciate the ramifications as well as the permanent record that you are likely creating.