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Can You Compete with Your Boss?

  Can You Compete with Your Boss? You decide to own your own business. But, you are still employed. Duties in your current job include finding businesses to buy. You find one. You buy it for yourself. It’s in the same industry as your current employment. Boss sues you. These facts were heard in a […]

The Wild West of Yamhill County

The Wild West of Yamhill County   Recently, I drove past the vineyards and antique shops for a trial in Yamhill County. The dispute was over land ownership and involved the legal theory of adverse possession. I represented a young couple who found themselves fighting to hold onto the very land they had purchased. A […]

Team Acker + Associates

  Team Acker + Associates The 2017 Tour de France, now in progress, involves: 219 riders 42,000 bottles of water 7,900 tires 2,200 miles and 12 million spectators (making it the largest sporting event in the world) And you can now buy your #1 cycling jersey at Acker + Associates, P.C. Please call/email to order.

Texting Can Get You 20 Years in Prison.

  Texting Can Get You 20 Years in Prison. This month, a Massachusetts Court found that text messages sent by a young woman to her boyfriend caused his death and constituted involuntary manslaughter.  He threatened suicide and filled his truck with carbon monoxide.  The woman encouraged him through her texts and, when he said he […]

Burned by Starbucks?

  Burned by Starbucks? (No, we are not talking about the taste.) A woman in Florida was awarded $100,000 this week after her Venti Pike Place coffee spilled on her while visiting a Starbucks drive-thru. The case is reminiscent of the nearly $3 million award by a New Mexico jury against McDonald’s in 1992 for […]

Raising Rent or Evicting Tenants? Careful!

  Raising Rent or Evicting Tenants? Careful! Last month, the Oregon House passed legislation that would lift Oregon’s statewide ban on rent control and restrict landlords’ ability to evict tenants. House Bill 2004 provides that, after 6 months, landlords may only terminate a month-to-month tenancy for cause. Exceptions are allowed, but landlords must still provide […]

Update on Trump’s Travel Ban

  Update on Trump’s Travel Ban As forecast in the last Legal Bits (see Challenges to President Trump’s Travel Ban), President Trump’s executive order is being kicked around in the courts. What Happened Yesterday? Yesterday afternoon, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument on whether to uphold the suspension of the ban.  The ban […]

Challenges to President Trump’s Travel Ban

  Challenges to President Trump’s Travel Ban: What Is Being Banned and Is It Legal? Photo: Randal Acker’s view of riot police assembling in anticipation of protests at PDX airport Sunday evening (January 29, 2017). On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order that bars nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, […]

Changes in Oregon Law

  CHANGES IN OREGON LAW From minimum wages to wolves to weed bankers, the following changes to Oregon law took effect on or before January 1, 2017. Minimum Wages Oregon’s minimum wage is increasing, but leave it to the legislature to make it complicated. Not only is it increasing in stages but it varies depending […]

UPDATE: Federal Judge Blocks Overtime Pay Rule Change

  UPDATE: Federal Judge Blocks Overtime Pay Rule Change Santa’s sleigh screeched to a halt or Christmas came early–depending on whether you are an employee or employer. Texas Federal Judge Amos L. Mazzant III has granted a nationwide preliminary injunction stating that the Department of Labor’s rule, which was suppose to go into effect this […]