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New Overtime Pay Rules

  New Overtime Pay Rules Effective 12/1/16 Early holiday cheer for employees and perhaps some coal for employers. If you are an employer, you may need to change how/what you pay your salaried employees.  If you are an employee, you may find a raise or reduced hours in your stocking. Federal law permits employers to […]

Better Watch Out… I’m Telling You Why

  Better Watch Out… I’m Telling You Why This week, A+A obtained a judgment from the Multnomah County Circuit Court extending liability to an owner for his company’s $450,000 business debt. The dispute began with that all too familiar situation–someone owes you money, he hides behind his corporate veil, he liquidates his corporate accounts, and […]

Fighting for His Piece of the American Pie

  Fighting for His Piece of the American Pie: A + A Obtains Jury Award for Green Cab Owner Awelew Belete arrived in the United States in 1989 as a penniless refugee from Ethiopia. He and the other two current owners of Green Transportation Company immigrated together. They left behind their one-room house, which they […]

Oregon’s “Gangapreneurs”

  OREGON’S “GANJAPRENEURS” This November, Oregon voters passed Measure 91. The act permits recreational use of marijuana under Oregon law. Beginning on July 1, 2015, adults aged 21 or older may privately grow, possess, and use limited amounts of the plant and derived products. The law also opens the door to future retail sales of […]

Bicycle-Riding Ebola Zombie Nurses?

BICYCLE-RIDING EBOLA ZOMBIE NURSES? Ebola Law 101 10/24–Nurse Kaci Hickox returned to the United States from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. Upon her arrival in New Jersey, she registered a temperature of 101. (Later her temperature was determined to be the normal 98.6.) Pursuant to New Jersey policy, Ms. Hickox was quarantined in a […]

EBOLA: The Power to Isolate

EBOLA: THE POWER TO ISOLATE Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States has died in isolation at a Dallas hospital.  Mr. Duncan’s female companion, his 13-year-old son, and two others are currently quarantined in a four-bedroom home on a remote property.  They are prohibited from leaving under the threat […]

Oregon Court Slams on Brake for “Independent Contractors”

OREGON COURT SLAMS ON BRAKE FOR “INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS” Avoiding employment issues by hiring independent contractors instead of employees?  Careful. Last week the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that, for the assessment of unemployment insurance tax, Broadway Cab’s drivers are employees. Broadway Cab argued that its drivers are independent contractors and that it merely provides administrative […]

Aspiring Lawyers Sue for Stress from July Bar Exam

ASPIRING LAWYERS SUE FOR STRESS FROM JULY BAR EXAM Question:  What happens when you mix budding attorneys, stress, and software glitches? Those taking the Oregon bar examination last month were permitted to use laptops if they purchased software from ExamSoft Worldwide Inc.  The software essentially turns off all other features of the computer (such as […]

Free Range Hybrid Electric Corporations

FREE RANGE HYBRID ELECTRIC CORPORATIONS Traditionally, corporations are structured to maximize profit for their stockholders. As of this year, Oregon recognizes a new classification for corporations and LLCs that seek to accomplish something further–the Oregon benefit company. The 2010 case of Ebay v. Newmark et al. illustrates the need for this new entity. The founders of craigslist, […]

Oregon’s Unique Coastal Property

OREGON’S UNIQUE COASTAL PROPERTY     …and World Cup Soccer If you take a summer stroll at the Oregon coast, as long as no natural barriers interfere, you could walk forever. Only Oregon can boast that all of its beaches are public. On July 6, 1967, Governor Tom McCall signed the “Beach Bill” which declares public […]