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The End of Litigation

Apple’s announcement on Wednesday, of its latest version of gadgets, garnered the attention of the public.  However, a more significant technological advancement–at least in law–came today from the son of an attorney, Bill Gates. Microsoft has launched a new program that will essentially eliminate the need for litigation. No more juries, judges, or courtroom drama. Say hello to LOS (Legal Operating System).

How does it work? Whenever there is a legal dispute, the two parties simply enter their information into the system and LOS spits out a result. Years of development have gone into LOS, which allows it to handle, as boasted by Microsoft, any kind of dispute. Past cases and decisions for each separate jurisdiction have been entered into LOS, allowing it to access such and ensure consistent outcomes for future disputes.

The parties interface with “Ati,” a virtual person similar to Apple’s Siri. However, unlike Siri, Ati usually asks the questions. Ati will assist the user in obtaining helpful documents and electronic records. Ati may also want to “talk” with witnesses so that it can assess and process their information.

LOS, however, does not eliminate legal costs. You pay upfront. To begin a case in LOS, both parties must pay the full amount in dispute. At the conclusion of the case, LOS deposits any award into the account of the party it determines to have prevailed. LOS deducts and keeps a percentage from the award.

LOS is based on the premise that litigation can be reduced to a mechanical application of law to facts. However, this is not reality–at least in the present day. And, yes, for now, this blog is pure fiction. Maybe someday computer programmers will replace us lawyers.