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“The wrong guy to tangle with” – Willamette Week

“A backbone of titanium” – KPAM 860, Victoria Taft Show


Acker + Associates P.C. is a law firm providing general legal services mostly involving business law. We put an emphasis on business formation, contracts, leases, employment, property, and disputes. Many of our business clients have started in home basements and garages and have become industry leaders. As our clients succeed, so does our business.


Emphasis on the Client

Our firm has achieved success due to our unfettered dedication to our clients. We provide top-notch representation and individualized attention to each client.


Winning a dispute can consist of either achieving a prompt, cost-effective settlement or recovering complete compensation and other relief. You define winning. Once the swords are drawn, we fight to win. We also continue to explore settlement and alternative resolutions that would better allow you to achieve your goals.

Protecting Assets

Whether through setting up a company or an estate plan, we assist our clients in protecting their assets. Many existing companies have used our firm to review and revise their company documents to best protect them from having their “corporate veil pierced.”


Through operating a business or simply managing personal affairs, one can encounter legal entanglements. Some of our clients call us weekly for assistance with contracts or employment matters when they arise. Others call us annually for help with shareholder meetings or a review of their estate plans. We pride ourselves in being available to answer questions and provide legal advice.


Acker + Associates P.C. is located in The Figo House, a historic Queen Ann at the south end of downtown Portland. For more information about our fight to preserve this structure, click here.