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Featured Client

Featured Client

Hammer and Hand

Hammer & Hand is a construction company dedicated to inciting evolution in building through service, craft, and science. The firm collaborates with clients and architects to craft buildings of beauty, durability, comfort, and performance – “legacy buildings” that promise a lifespan measured in generations. Hammer & Hand’s portfolio of residential and commercial work includes everything from classic kitchen remodels to modern retail build-outs to new high performance construction.

Karuna House


Based in Portland and Seattle, Hammer & Hand has emerged as a regional and national leader in sustainable building practice.  The firm’s recently completed Karuna House, for example, is the first building in the world to earn the green building triple crown of LEED, Passive House, and Minergie certifications, earning Hammer & Hand the 2014 Green Home Builder: Custom Builder of the Year award from Earth Advantage. Likewise, Hammer & Hand’s Glasswood project, the first commercial Passive House retrofit in North America, earned the 2014 Outstanding Remodeling Achievement Award from ORA.

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